Why Use Us?

Simply because Janko Systems provides the greatest VALUE! We offer professional repairs of the most popular equipment, offer the longest warranties in the repair industry (6 months!), and provide free technical support to our customers, all at a reasonable price. Plus, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

We are EASY TO DEAL WITH. There are no RMAs to obtain or part numbers to learn. While you technically do have a “customer number” it is not necessary to use it. Live people answer the phones during normal business hours and will gladly help you or transfer you to someone who can. All phone messages and emails are returned within 24 hours (Monday through Friday, holidays excluded.) 

Many customers use Janko Systems for a variety of reasons. Some use us for the harder problems that their service department can’t handle such as surface-mount board repair. Some send us rework because they do not have the staff or the time. And some even use us as their service department so they do not need full-time employees. Anyway you look at it, Janko Systems is your best choice for ECR and POS technical service!