Janko Systems uses Federal Express for return shipping of repairs. The map below depicts the scheduled delivery in days for ground service from Janko Systems. Next Day or 2-Day delivery may be requested by marking the appropriate shipping box on our REPAIR REQUEST FORM PAGE.


We have provided a section on the REPAIR REQUEST FORM to notify you if the repair is going to exceed the marked dollar amount. You will be notified with an estimate if the repair is over this dollar amount or if the parts needed to fix the problem are not readily available. If you decline the estimate, your unit will be disposed of by us at no charge or you may pay for shipping and insurance if you want it returned. (No obligation!) A $20.00 fee will be assessed on declined priority repairs.


If you wish to save C.O.D. shipping charges, mark the “Fax A Check” box to be called with a total before your repair ships. At that time you will be given instructions on how to pay for your repair. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


We have included a section at the bottom of the REPAIR REQUEST FORM which you can use for ordering parts to be sent with your repair(s). These parts will be shipped with your completed repair depending upon availability. If you need parts immediately, please call us or mark the “Parts Order ONLY” box on the form. All parts being shipped with a repair will receive no additional freight charges if less than 5 extra pounds. You do not need a part number to order using this form, but please list it if you have it available. Be sure to include a good description if you do not have the part number.


Janko Systems always strives for complete customer satisfaction. If for any reason you have a problem, complaint, or comment you would like us to hear about, please give us a call or E-MAIL at help@jankosystems.com