Priority Service

This service attempts to complete your repair and get it on its way back to you, THE VERY SAME DAY! If a repair is received BY NOON (Mountain Standard Time) and the word “PRIORITY” is written on the outside of the box, we will immediately expedite your repair. Whenever possible, it will ship back to you the same day. Sometimes it will not go out until the NEXT BUSINESS DAY, hence the 36-hour name. There is a SURCHARGE of $20 added to our normal pricing for this service. If your repair cannot be completed within 36 hours, we will contact you to explain the delay, and waive the fee. Please be advised that the fee still applies if we CAN provide the service, but are unable to make contact with you for payment arrangements or you decline an estimate which you requested. On the Repair Request Form, specify how you want your board shipped back to you. Please be advised that we do not necessarily unpack every box as it arrives every day, so it is vital that you write “PRIORITY” on the OUTSIDE of the box. This way, you can be assured of receiving the FASTEST service!