Janko Systems provides professional repair of over 150 different Sharp, Samsung, Citizen, Epson, and Star Micronic products. Two levels of service are provided for repairs: standard or priority. In addition, refurbished boards and printers MAY be available for purchase. There is usually a CORE exchange CREDIT available to you, upon the optional return of the defective module. If your customer needs a price before the repair can be approved, be sure to mark the appropriate “Call If Over” box on the REPAIR REQUEST FORM, so we can notify you of the cost.

This service provides a one to two week in-shop shop turnaround time. The standard flat-rate fees apply. Most repairs are under $100 (including parts and labor.) Exceptions include system level circuit boards, which are usually $160 and printers which require a printhead replaced.

This service attempts to complete your repair and get it on its way back to you, THE VERY SAME DAY! Sometimes it will not go out until the NEXT day, hence the 36-hour name. There is a SURCHARGE of $20 added to our normal pricing for this service. Please check out our 36 HOUR SERVICE PAGE for more information.

Janko Systems provides a 6-month warranty on all repairs. If you experience any problem with your repair, please call us and let us know. If you need to send your module back for warranty service, enclose a copy of your Janko Systems invoice along with the repair. You may write a description of the problem directly on the copy of your invoice. (No RMA required)

A one year factory warranty is provided for all Sharp ECRs ONLY WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN PURCHASED THROUGH Franklin Cash Register. When service is required, make a copy of your Franklin invoice and send it along with your repair. This warranty is from the date the DEALER purchased the machine from Franklin, NOT the date it was sold to an end-user! You must send in either the defective assembly (i.e. circuit board, printer, keyboard, etc.) OR the entire machine. No individual parts can be replaced.

Test beds are available for most models, so you may just send the problem module in instead of the whole machine. (This will save you money.) If you are not sure which module is bad or you want to make sure we have a test bed available, please phone ahead with a description of the problem and we can tell you which parts to send in.

Janko Systems prides itself on the repair and rework it performs every day. State-of-the-art professional soldering/desoldering equipment is used for IC removal and replacement. Only authentic factory parts are used on repairs and extra time is taken to leave your board with its original factory appearance and reliability. Janko Systems’ technical knowledge allows for the repair of even the most difficult boards and machines.

Individual modules or entire units serviced
Free estimates with no obligation
Entire machines serviced at no extra charge
Spill, cracked, and damaged boards serviced
6 month warranty
Repair tracked via computer w/tracking label
Warning and tip messages sent (IF APPLICABLE)
Diagnosis and defective components properly replaced with factory original parts.
Cold or defective solder joints touched-up.
Large and vulnerable components epoxied to the circuit board.
Board dusted, chemically cleaned, and protective spray applied when needed.

Chemically cleaned
Printhead cleaned
Unit properly lubricated
Logo stamp re-inked
Print aligned
Print clarity optimized

PRIOR REWORK (may have surcharge):
Non-factory parts removed and replaced
Broken traces rebuilt or jumpered if neecessary

SPILLS (may have surcharge):
Circuit board chemically cleaned
Corrosion physically removed from traces
Protective spray applied to board

CRACKS (may have surcharge):
Cracked traces properly jumpered or repaired
Epoxy or supports added when necessary

ROACH/RODENT DAMAGE (may have surcharge):
Circuit board chemically cleaned
Corrosion physically removed from traces
Protective spray applied to board

Every Janko Systems repair undergoes extensive testing before it leaves our repair facility. ALL repairs undergo the tests listed below. (Some tests can be performed only on certain models.)
Display tested
Mode switch/Cashier buttons/Keylocks tested
Receipt switch tested
All key positions tested
Beeper tested
All cash drawer ports tested
Printer tested
All ROMs and RAMS tested
Battery tested
Power-off circuit tested
All communication ports tested**
Dip switches tested**
SIO port tested**
Slip printer tested**
NES tested**

SRV porgramming report taken and examined
Key position report taken**
FAT report taken and examined**
Department programming report taken
PLU programming report taken
Misc. key programming report taken
No sale performed
Various X and Z reports taken
Various X2/Z2 reports taken*

*Procedure only performed if machine needed a master reset.
**Procedure only performed on certain models or may be requested by customer